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Tow Truck Owner Operator repossession agent subcontractor positions available in any of the following counties of New York: Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, and all NYC.

PAYBACK REPO is hiring tow truck owner operators and tow companies to work as repossession subcontractors.  Using proprietary repossession software and our historical data repository repossession agents will have access to live open repossession orders. Repossession Tow Truck operator agents will have access to real-time repossession orders, as well as updated LPR data points.

Candidates must own and operate a registered tow truck with minimum state required insurance. We provide repossession insurance. 

Payback Repo will provide tow truck owner and operator subcontractors with repossession software, LPR data, training, certifications, and industry continuing education courses.

If interested, email us at directly at to set up an interview

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