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Tow Truck Operator repossession agent subcontractor positions available to work in any of the following counties of NY and NYC: Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Bronx Counties.

PAYBACK REPO PRI is seeking tow truck owner operators and tow companies to work as repossession subcontractors. As a tow truck driver or tow company owner, this opportunity enables you and/or your drivers to earn extra income. Using our repossession software and data points you will have access to thousands of open repossession orders that will be mapped out via our agent routing application. A tow truck operator will always have access to run open repo orders on their routes. As an operator this can maximize load productivity as you will always have an opportunity to earn extra commissions while you or your drivers are working. If operators are slow on a shift – they can search for local cars, if a driver is coming in empty or not maximizing the tow truck’s load capacity – our software will guide you to open repossession orders closest to the driver’s route. As an agent, operators will have access to real-time repossession orders, as well as millions of new LPR scan locations updated live.

Qualified tow operators may be provided License Plate Scanning Technology (LPR) Systems. Our advanced agent software systems ensure tow operators recover the most cars during their routes by using AI, historical data points, as well as a live feed of data of vehicle locations; as well as routing and mapping applications to maximize productivity. 

Candidates must own and operate a registered tow truck with minimum state required insurance. We provide repossession insurance. Subcontractor agent tow operators make their own hours, can work only during shift downtime, while traveling without a load, or however they wish.

Payback Repo will provide tow truck owner and operator subcontractors with repossession software, LPR systems, training, certifications, and industry continuing education courses.

Any questions regarding this position please call 516-612-4999 or email us at

If interested, email us at directly at to set up an interview


* Payback Repo is also now seeking repossession agent spotter positions.**

This position is open to agents that do not own and operate their own tow truck. Spotters may work in pairs, or alone; and serve as repossession agents that have access to all software to locate open company accounts and LPR hits. Spotters are compensated per unit they locate, and if recovery is not possible with a partner; tow support maybe provided. Please contact us for more information regarding spotter positions.


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