Payback Repo is vetted and monitored by Vendor Transparency Solutions and RISC Compliant Network.  We allow transparent access and verification of:

  • Verification of Criminal Background Screening of all individual employees, principals or owners, business entities
  • Verification of proper licensing
  • Verification of insurance and bond coverage’s
  • Validation and tracking of all certifications
  • Owner and Employees have passed the C.A.R.S.® – Certified Asset Recovery Specialist curriculum® and continuing education
  • Tracking of employee continued education certifications and training
  • Tracking of Consumer Complaints
  • Company bankruptcies and lawsuits
  • On-Site office inspections together with an 80 point compliance inspection
  • Corporate Financial Statements
  • State Certificate of Good Standing
  • State Formation Certificates
  • Tracking of Minority Certifications
  • Maintaining service provider’s Policies and Procedure, Employee Handbook, Compliant Handling and Disaster Recovery manuals

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